"You wake up on a sunny August morning with birds singing, and the air fresh and clear. However, your joints are stiff and you have not woken up in your bedroom as you would have expected. Trying to recall what happened the night before, you manage to piece together a few brief glimpses to give the following account:"

dMagnetic is an Interpreter for Magnetic Scrolls. With it, it is possible to play the classic text adventures (or interactive fiction) "The Pawn", "The Guild of Thieves", "Jinxter", "Myth", "Fish!", "Corruption" and "Wonderland" on modern computers. It has been designed with portability in mind, and can be compiled on anything with a C-Compiler. Ubuntu, Debian, Gentoo, OpenBSD, FreeBSD, NetBSD, Solaris, IRIX, Mac OS X, Windows are among the operating systems being supported. It has been published under the BSD 2-clause license, so it does not have to stop there.

Download dMagnetic 0.30

This is a code cleanup release. It includes lots of bug fixes. For example: A picture from 'Fish!' was missing. What a shame. In addtion to this, I also took the liberty of cleaning up the website a little bit. Hope you like it. :)

dMagnetic_0.30.tar.bz2MD5: 2823cf00470e57b3c75f088759d1c360
Documentation (as .tar.bz2)MD5: 6cfb7d05d354382f3d31a929bc75d01c
dMagnetic_030.pdfMD5: 9a69c7d8bc14c4d67bfe5bbe3b5ae58f

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dMagnetic 0.30, .mag input, sixel mode
The Pawn The Guild of Thieves Jinxter Corruption Fish! Myth Wonderland

More screenshots can be found here


Input formats

dMagnetic is not a game itself. It requires the original binaries to run. Those can be found, for example, at the magnetic scrolls memorial in the .mag/.gfx format.
. It is also possible to use one of the following
  • MS-DOS binaries
  • Magnetic Windows Resource Files (.RSC)
  • Commodore 64 binaries as .d64 disk images
  • Amstrad CPC disk images in the .DSK format
  • Archimedes disk images (.adf/.adl)
  • Spectrum +3 diskimages (.dsk format)
  • Atari XL diskimages (.atr format)

Rendering modes

Since the games are being played in a Terminal Window, a TTY console, the beautiful graphics that Magnetic Scrolls was known for are being rendered in one of the following formats:
  • None - No graphics
  • Monochrome - ASCII Art
  • Low Ansi - ANSI Art
  • High Ansi - More colours
  • UTF - UTF8 characters are being used as pixels
  • Sixel - Where available (for example in mlterm, or in xterm -ti vt340)

How to install

OpenBSDpkg_add dmagnetic
FreeBSDpkg_add dMagnetic
NetBSDpkgin in dMagnetic
Debiansudo apt-get install dmagnetic
Ubuntusudo apt-get install dmagnetic
Homebrewbrew install dMagnetic
Termuxpkg install dMagnetic
wget https://www.dettus.net/dMagnetic/dMagnetic_0.30.tar.bz2
tar xvfj dMagnetic_0.30.tar.bz2
cd dMagnetic_0.30
sudo make install