LOGIX was a game I designed when I was a teenager. After getting a smartphone, it seemed only natural for me to port it to Android.
The goal is to remove all the blocks from a level.
Use the arrow keys to navigate the cursor.
Grab a block and move it.

Lots of fun! Check it out! Even though you have to be brave enough to install Android Applications from insecure sources. ;)

Grab the latest version from http://www.dettus.net/logix/logix.apk md5sum=72b6054ad0e3f434a7b3f6c265d7bb00

January 6th, 2015
Cleaned up the screens a bit. And I added a nice little main menu.

January 5th, 2015
I added a graphical way to select a level.

Additionally, since it proved to be very annoying to use the tiny controls, I created an experimental large control mode.

January 3rd, 2015
This is the initial revision. It contains 59 levels from an old version I peeled off some floppy discs.
- THERE IS NO GURANTEE THAT THEY ARE SOLVABLE: The old engine had a glitch, and most of them were designed around that glitch.
- The Quit button does not work
- Possible memory leak. Make sure to close it after playing
Anyways... here is a screenshot:

md5sum history for http://www.dettus.net/logix/logix.apk:
January 3rd, 2015=023143979be444ecfc26c83577c39142
January 5th, 2015=6d967658ea91939a9ddf209adffcc193
January 6th, 2015=72b6054ad0e3f434a7b3f6c265d7bb00