Older releases.


My goal was to create a selection of shell scripts that can be used to cross-compile a Linux From Scratch for a Raspberry Pi. Even though buildtool-ng, buildroot and Yocto are quite popular, I found them very hard to comprehend.

July 21st, 2016
detLFS_20160721.tar.gz MD5:589ee1f8bd7ff3c05176b9a7e7e24c74
I want to make the scripts, I came up with, free and open, I do not know under which license. (Yet). In the meantime, enjoy the first (prelimianary) release.

Known bugs: Script 2 will require user interaction, please set the cross compilers to WHEREVERYOUARERUNNINGIT/Tools/bin/arm-linux-gnueabihf-. If you want to run them under OpenBSD, please patch the scripts to use 'gmake' instead of 'make'. As well as 'gtar' instead of 'tar'. Thank you.
July 23rd, 2016
detLFS_20160723.tar.gz MD5:3fcb8cd1733a3a22640bec9bbd7aaa38
The process of building GCC turned out to be more tedious than I thought. This release, however, can build it for the target platform.
Still not able to run under OpenBSD. The last script is hard coded to /dev/sdf for the SD card. Not enough packages.

detLFS_0.01.tar.gz MD5:72a1637c1367679b20f907c860710a1a
This is the first release which is close to being good enough.
July 25th, 2016
detLFS_0.02.tar.gz MD5:dda07621f3017a8cdb9a5c094598ceff
This is the first release I feel confident about. It also contains documentation. detLFS_GettingStarted.pdf. The buildlog can be found Here. Maybe it helps. Who knows?
August 1st, 2016
detLFS_0.03.tar.gz MD5:cc3a5b4992d7e3b6384bf2c32edb4a34

This release saw the introduction of a new script, 3c_morepackages.sh. I simply wanted to perform some experiments with increasingly difficult libraries, so it is building ncurses and alsa. The documentation has gotten slightly better. Check it out!!
August 6th, 2016
detLFS_0.04.tar.gz MD5: 225bfb3fe983c84aca9b46cb846145fc

I realized this moring that there is a new version of the glibc out. I therefore decided to try if I could build it with the latest gcc. Turns out: It is possible. I took the liberty of extending the documentation, while I was at it.
July 15th, 2017
detLFS_0.05.tar.gz" MD5: b248e4c59b172ff025ef125158795e9b

Updated the version of the packages. GCC 7.1.0 is being used, for instance.
March 05, 2019
detLFS_0.06.tar.gz" MD5: a7c7f6a786e4eea8e6fcb7e1f7842cdd

Updated the version of the packages. GCC 8.3.0 is being used, as is glibc 2.29 and binutils 2.32. For some reason, make 4.2.1 did not compile, due to a `make/glob/glob.c:1367: undefined reference to `__alloca'` message. I took the liberty of patching the file in question.
May 25th, 2020
detLFS_0.07.tar.bz2 MD5:

This release is the first one with a "repeater project". It adds significant improvements, namely Network access. (WiFi as well as ethernet). Busybox has been updated to 1.31.1. However, a bug required me to patch it in the build scripts.