This program is called daes, and its goal is to have a little program which is as handy and usable as gzip or bzip2 to encrypt your files. Download the latest version: daes_latest.tar.gz daes_latest.tar.gz.aes

Version 0.41 (30-aug-2k9)

This version adds salt to the encrypted file, keys can be provided via the commandline or created randomly.
Download: daes_0.41.tar.gz daes_0.41.tar.gz.aes

Version 0.40 (14-jan-2k5)
dettus@h9291:[~/prog/c/daes]dd if=/dev/urandom of=keyfile.key count=16 bs=1
16+0 records in
16+0 records out
16 bytes transferred in 0.000 secs (26711 bytes/sec)
dettus@h9291:[~/prog/c/daes]md5 gpl.txt
MD5 (gpl.txt) = 393a5ca445f6965873eca0259a17f833

dettus@h9291:[~/prog/c/daes]md5 gpl.txt.aes
MD5 (gpl.txt.aes) = a4db96a04f93b3f6abdbac2d84ae6e24
dettus@h9291:[~/prog/c/daes]rm gpl.txt
dettus@h9291:[~/prog/c/daes]./daes -d -k keyfile.key gpl.txt.aes
dettus@h9291:[~/prog/c/daes]md5 gpl.txt
MD5 (gpl.txt) = 393a5ca445f6965873eca0259a17f833
Download: daes_0.40.tar.gz daes_0.40.tar.gz.aes

The keyfile

MD5 (daes_0.40.tar.gz) = 5ee37b508a9c5eb6726ba80e31be1135
MD5 (daes_0.40.tar.gz.aes) = b1f8b8286fedef8f121262aff8453ee5
MD5 (daes_0.41.tar.gz) = ed73efefc7822fcfce3d8ae879dd995c
MD5 (daes_0.41.tar.gz.aes) = 2ca353daed38b2df39521bdbce576e79
MD5 (daes_latest.tar.gz) = ed73efefc7822fcfce3d8ae879dd995c
MD5 (daes_latest.tar.gz.aes) = 2ca353daed38b2df39521bdbce576e79
MD5 (keyfile.key) = 46af1c6cdbaaaeffa6c88833fd7734d2