I always wanted to be able to play "The Guild of Thieves". The magnetic scrolls memorial website enabled me to play this game. When I looked at the sourcecode of the interpreter available there, I realized that even more than playing, I wanted to recreate the virtual machine myself.
I also wanted to be able to play it in a terminal, so I came up with ways to render the beautiful BEAUTIFUL images in glorious ascii art.
Get the latest version here.


High Ansi

Low Ansi


Version 0.01 (14-apr-2019)

This is the initial release. It is possible to play through "The Pawn", but you will have to grab the .mag and .gfx binaries from The magnetic scrolls memorial . And I cannot guarantee that the game will not crash on you. Sorry.
Download Version 0.01 here (MD5sum: 3b65ee0fd977538a16a15da5e8c470d5)

Version 0.02 (19-apr-2019)

This version saw some bugfixes. I even started working on the documentation, and I strolled into "The Guild"'s castle. I cannot guarantee that it is possible to finish the game. Get the binaries from The magnetic scrolls memorial. Oh, and the low ansi renderer looks much better now.
Download Version 0.02 here (MD5sum: 4a1e5566d8149f5077bb182a054a60ce)

Version 0.03 (22-apr-2019)

This version saw more bugfixes. And I finshed playing Jinxter, albeit with only 185 of 205 points. I do not know if that is the end of the game, the virtual machine behaves bit-exact to the Magnetic2.3 version. Get the binaries from The magnetic scrolls memorial.
Download Version 0.03 here (MD5sum: 97e4010d700a5c4ad4e4eb59dc6322ca)

Version 0.04 (22-apr-2019)

The second release today... The last one was at 3AM. Just a little code cleanup. The default compiler settings are compiling with higher optimizations and full Warning flags. Just a little something extra.
Download Version 0.04 here (MD5sum: 8cbc6be42d81bca2288c662014f98399)