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    .........  probably the worlds nastiest Linux-distribution.

Over 14 installations worldwide

Dettu[Xx] is a distribution aimed for the REALLY masochistic linux-geeks out there, the ones who think Rocklinux is too lame.
Its not finished yet, but when its ready, it should give you a distribution, which gives you enough tools to download everything you need over the internet and build the packages on your computer.
Documentation is available here ;-)

download your copy here:
disk 01(bootdisk)
disk 02(rootdisk)
disk 03
disk 04
disk 05
disk 06
disk 07
disk 08

tools you might want to use: rawrite.exe

Current Version: 0.2.4, date is 17.03.01

alright guys! we got more than 10 installations worldwide! *whoopie*. Microsoft should better watch out. Dettu[Xx] is taking control.
okay everybody, i am mirrored by thats pretty cool, because when u don't want to start wasting time with your download, just try it! and when you are reading this on the mirror page, this is where you find the original stuff. thank you milton, thank you johans, for making all of this im^H^Hpossible.

today i got an e-mail from a guy who installed dettu[Xx] on an 386-SX 40mhz. write me if anyone of you is punishing himself any harder. and i added a new screenshots section!
hey guys! i was on a lanparty this weekend, and a friend installed dettu[xx] on his computer. it took him not more than 12 hours to set up an runable x11, that is a new record. if anyone can do it faster, write me a mail.
hey everyone! this site is now linked by, time for me to update this page

if you are really about to install this stuff onto your computer, let me tell you... you are not alone! today i got my first feedback from another sucker for punishment, who made it and got it running on his system! thats why i just increased the installation-counter.
if you have got yours up as well, tell me!! i am really interested how many nutty^H^H^H^H^Hbrave geeks are out there! (btw: sorry for my bad english...)

Older Versions:
Version 0.2.0
Version 0.2.2
Version 0.2.4

as seen on freshmeat, and linuxlinks

oh! i almost forgot The logo...

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